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Our Products / AGRICULTURE
Leoturka %100 Organic Leonardite Soil Conditioner

Biolig %100 Organic Poultry Manure

Corporate News

YENI ILETISIM is looking for agents on the world.
YENI ILETISIM supplied lighting fixtures for Botan Business Center in Suleymania-Iraq
YENI ILETISIM supplied Distribution Boards, Cables, Cable Trays and Lightning System for Garden City Project in Suleymania-Iraq.
YENI ILETISIM supplied pumps for Al Rasheed project in Bagdad-Iraq.
YENI ILETISIM supplied limit switches for Feni Industries in Macedonia.
YENI ILETISIM supplied MV switchgears for a 35KV transmision line project in Albenia.
YENI ILETISIM export motor drivers to Estonia.
YENI ILETISIM supply electrical switch,sockets and motor drivers for Gesco Ltd. in Georgia.

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